Mrs. Kellie Hancock



Degrees and Certifications:

Education M.S. Educational Administration B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Secondary Education/Language Arts A.S. Advanced High School Diploma Experience 2013-Present Section High School 2012-2013 Pisgah High School 2003-2012 Section High School 2000-2003 Bridgeport Middle School 1999-2000 K.D.S. DAR High School

Mrs. Kellie Hancock


Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018

1.    Backpack (No wheels please.)

2.    Plastic Storage Box with Lid (shoe box size)

3.    2 packs of sharpened pencils (regular size pencils)

4.    2packs 24 count Crayola Crayola

5.    2 packs 8 count large Crayola Crayons

6.    1box Crayola Markers

7.    2four ounce Elmers Glue (orange top)

8.    2giant glue sticks (they last much longer)

9.    1 water color (8 count)

10. 1 pair Fiskars Scissors

11.  1 pack EXPO markers (for the students to use in their centers)

12.  2 composition notebooks

13. 2 plastic folders with Brads & Pockets (The plastic ones should last all year.)

14. 1 writing tablet marked Pre-K through 1st Grade

15. 1 LARGE poster board (any color)

16. 1 plastic nap mat  (no cloth mats or blankets)




The following items are optional but very much needed and appreciated! J

·         4 Boxes of Kleenex (for each nine weeks)                       

·         Ziploc Bags (quart, gallon, sandwich, and snack sizes)

·         2 Bottles of "Germ X" Hand Sanitizer                               

·         Pack of copy paper for student art work  

·         Color printer paper

·         4 to 8 Rolls of Paper Towels

·         4 Boxes/refills Baby Wipes (one for each 9 weeks)

·          boxes of Band Aids (NO LATEX)

·         hot glue sticks (large round)

·         6 pack of Playdough

·         Lysol Desk Wipes (to kill many germs)

Please bring all of these items to the Kindergarten Parent Meeting! Thanks!