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7th Grade School Supply List

7th Grade Shirts - $7   -   All seventh graders will need to purchase the 7thgrade shirt to be worn on field trips, pep rallies, etc.  Students need to give money and shirt sizes to Mrs. Thomas the first week of school.


Language Arts:

·         1” Three Ring Binder

·         Wide Rule, Loose Leaf Paper

·         Set of 5 dividers

            o   (Labeled: Literature, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Bell Ringers)

·         Pencils

·         Book Cover

·         USB Flash Drive (optional)



·         Composition Notebooks (2)

·         Loose leaf paper, wide rule or college rule

·         #2 pencils

·         Colored Pencils or Markers

·         Package of glue sticks

·         $15 donation for science supplies, and or class supplies


·         1” Three Ring Binder

·         Loose Leaf Paper

·         Graph Paper

·         Pencils


·         One: 1” 3 ring binder

·         loose leaf paper

·         Pencil Pouch

·         Highlighters

·         Colored Pencils OR Markers

·         Glue stick

·         #2 Pencils


Gym Shoes/Uniform (see P.E. Letter)



Homeroom Donations

The following items will be used by your child in our classrooms.  Donations of any of these items would be greatly appreciated.


2 roll of Paper Towels*          1 pack of Expo markers

1 box of Kleenex                   1 pack of Ziploc Bags

1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer                  (Boys gallon / Girls Sandwich or Quart)

1 pack of Lysol wipes or Spray disinfectant