Will Sanders - Overhead Crane Operation with Remote Control

 This is a demonstration of how Electrical Technology student Will Sanders developed a remote-controlled operated crane. This project is a representation of an overhead crane used in most manufacturing facilities. A crane has three basic movements, a bridge that moves from one end of the facility to the other on rails, a trolley that moves from one end of the bridge to the other, and a hoist that raises and lowers the load. Will changed the voltage type three times, he has drawn and wired all the usual limits associated with a crane hoist with an optional remote operation. The major benefit of a remote-operated crane is for safety as the operator can step around obstacles and stay a safe distance from the suspended load. Take notice also of the neatness of Will's wiring and his knowledge of this project. GREAT JOB!

Will Sanders is a Senior at Skyline High School and a 3rd-year student at Earnest Pruett Center of Technology.