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  • Macedonia School-OLD History of Macedonia School

         Macedonia School is not just an educational facility. It is, and has always been, the heart and soul of the Macedonia Community. The school began on its current site some 90 to 100 years ago, and throughout these years, the people of this area have always rallied when necessary to lend support. The original building, constructed by the locals, contained several classrooms and a makeshift stage. Community members participated in fundraising to finance the school, a favorite fundraiser being the box supper. Girls would decorate a box, usually a shoebox, and fill it with goodies. Boys could show their affection by bidding a high price on their sweetheart's shoebox. The first building was torn down in 1937.

    In 1937, the citizens of Macedonia enthusiastically helped with the construction of a new school. This building contained six classrooms. Area volunteers used cross-cut saws to fell the timber donated by Mr. Joseph Jones. Trees were cut, and one log at a time was hauled on a mule wagon to the sawmill. The windows for the building were constructed on site. A teacherage was added in 1938 from the lumber of the old school, again with community volunteers assisting. The principal, Mr. William Dean, along with the community and parents, caught hens to sell to help finance the building. The teacherage became affectionately known as the "Hen House".

    A gymnasium with a stage was built in 1939 that housed numerous events and served many successful basketball teams. A lucrative fundraiser during the 1940's was the Saturday night movie. The community would fill the gym to see the movie of the week and the continuing saga of "Lassie". Although not full size, the gym was used for 60 years.

    In 1941, a basement was added for a cafeteria. Mr. H.B. Black and other community members used a mule scoop to dig the basement. A search was conducted to find the smallest mule, one that could fit under the building. Mr. J.T. Allen recalls helping dig out the basement area with a shovel. As always, everyone in Macedonia and the surrounding communities were on hand to help.

    To alleviate overcrowding, the school was again enlarged in 1949, under the direction of Principal Roy Buford. At this time, the enrollment of Macedonia School was about 370. The addition, during Mr. Leonard Patterson's time as County Maintenance Supervisor,  included four classrooms and indoor toilets. It was obvious that indoor toilets were needed when Mrs. Buford's elementary class lost their volleyball in the outhouse.

    Many renovations were made to the existing building over the next 50 years, heating systems were updated and window air conditioners were installed. In 1981, vinyl siding and new windows were added. The school was rewired, and the ceilings were lowered improving the overall interior appearance of the school. A new cafeteria was built in 1987, while the existing basement cafeteria was converted into a library.

    In the spring of 1999, a new addition to the school was completed. It included a library media center, computer lab, two classrooms and restrooms. The computer lab can hold 30 student computers in addition to the teacher computer.

    A front classroom in the school was converted into office space for the secretary and principal in the summer of 1999. The community volunteered their time and efforts to design and build the offices. Landscaping and a parking lot were also added. Again, the community rallied to help the school by spending long hours after work and on weekends to complete the conversion.

    During the renovation process, a board was found in the wall of the cloakroom that had been signed by one of the carpenters who had helped build the school in 1938. Mr. G. S. Jones, known as Mr. Gideon, had written his age, the date, and his son's name on the board. This piece of history is now displayed in the office.

    The above building was removed during December of 2004. It is gone, but will not be forgotten.

    Principals of Macedonia School

    Mr. William Dean (1937-1942)
    Mr. Roy Buford (1942-1950)
    Mr. Agee Strickland (1950-1966)
    Mr. Bethel Starkey (1966-1972)
    Mr. Rayford Green (1972-1973)
    Mr. Agee Strickland (1973-1976)

    Mr. Nesbit Sanford (1976-1978)
    Mr. John D. Sargent (1978-1987)
    Mr. James F. Jones, Jr. (1987-1998)

    Dr. Camille Wright(1998-2005)                                                                                            

    Mr.Steven Paradise (2005- present)