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    Special Announcement from School Nurse

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

                We all agree that healthy children learn better. In an effort to prevent the spread of germs at school, we ask that you keep your child home from school if he/she is ill. Should your child become ill while at school, you or your designee will be asked to take him/her home until they are feeling better. We recommend that your child stay at home if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

    Fever of 100 degrees or above (student should remain at home until the fever is below 100 degrees, without medication for 24 hours).

    Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain

    Unusual and persistent drowsiness or tiredness

    Sore throat

    Viral cold - the first few days when your child is most uncomfortable

    Persistent cough

    Red, inflamed eyes with a discharge

    Any sore oozing fluid or pus

    Any rash that has not been diagnosed

    Head or body lice that has not been treated

    Or ANY other symptoms suggestive of sickness

           It is important that these symptoms be recognized quickly and steps taken to prevent spreading of communicable diseases along with safeguarding the health of all students and staff.

                                                                                                     Thank you for your cooperation,

                                                                                                     Monica McKenize, RN



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  • Early Dismissal

    Woodville High School will dismiss at 2:10 on Friday, January 12, 2018. 

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