Our Region

  • The Jackson County School District covers a large, geographically diverse area in northeast Alabama. In a region noted for its beautiful terrain, the eighteen district schools may be found in the valleys and along the plateaus that define the foothills of Southern Appalachia. Each school is unique in size and configuration as each developed to serve the needs of a unique community, but all schools are united in their desire to provide a quality program for the 5,333 students served by the district. Jackson County Schools are the heart of their rural communities where generations of local families have passed through their doors. Jackson County covers 1,079 square miles, and a round trip to visit all schools covers approximately 150 miles.  There are 17 schools: 2 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1(9-12) high school, 6 K-8 schools, and 7 K-12 schools. The Earnest Pruett Center of Technology, located in Hollywood, provides career/technical programs for students in all district high schools.  The school district employs over 800 people. 65% of district personnel are directly involved in the instructional program while district administration composes only 1% of the total personnel. 66% of the instructional staff have advanced degrees. Employment in the school district is very stable with retirement being the primary reason for personnel leaving their positions. The population in Jackson County totals 52,419. 91.4% white, 3.6% Black, 2.9% Hispanic, 1.6% Native American, and 2.9% two or more races. Currently, 69% of the students in the school district receive free or reduced meals. The median household income for the county is $36,874. 75.3% of the county population over age 25 has graduated from high school. The most recent graduation rate for the school district is 91%, which is above the state average. Student attendance consistently averages above 95%.