You need to go to the following web site and fill out a registration form for fingerprinting before going to Scottsboro City Board of Education. The web site is:www.cogentid.com/AL

    After you have registered on line please call for an appointment:

    Scottsboro City Board of Education (256-218-2100)

    Applicants are responsible for their own registration. Information incorrectly entered during registration and submitted during fingerprinting CANNOT be corrected and is the responsibility of the applicants. Changes to incorrect registration data MAY be corrected online or by telephone prior to fingerprint submission.

    Payment: Fingerprint fee is $49.65 (in-state applicants)

    Out of state applicants fee: $57.65

    Applicants may pay online during registration using a debit or credit card.

    No cash, credit card or business checks are accepted at the fingerprint locations.

    Applicants may pay at the fingerprint site with money order or cashier check ONLY.

    * Payments must be made out to Cogent Systems


    If you are applying as a substitute teacher please follow these instructions:

    After you have been fingerprinted, you will need to go online to complete an application for a substitute certificate.

    Go to: www.ALSDE.edu (home page) and choose:

    Department Offices (top of page)

    Office of Teaching and Leading

    Educator Certification

    Other Approaches (right side of page)

    Substitute License (Complete online and print).

    You will need to bring your completed application, proof of fingerprinting, Driver’s License, Social Security Card and High School Diploma or GED to the Jackson County Board Of Education. Payment for your substitute license can be with a $30.00 money order or cashiers’ check made payable to the Alabama State Department of Education or you may pay online at www.alabamainteractive.org/education (a $4.00 transaction fee will be applied). Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.


    If you are applying for a support substitute position (lunchroom, bus driver, janitor, etc.) please follow these instructions:

    After you have been fingerprinted, go to the Jackson County Board of Education and fill out an I-9 form. You will need to bring your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, your High School Diploma or GED.

    It is important that you go to the Jackson County Board of Education and take care of this paperwork as soon as you are fingerprinted. There will not be any correspondence from the state department other than an online link that is exclusive to the board of education. We will need your paperwork in order to access this site to determine when you will be eligible to begin working in our system.