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    Earnest Pruett Center of Technology, formerly called Jackson County Technical School, was named for the first director of the school, Earnest Pruett. Mr. Pruett loved educating students and preparing them for the future. He was known as a hard worker, always willing to help his students achieve their career goals.

    Earnest Pruett Center of Technology (EPCOT) is an educational extension of the eight high schools in Scottsboro and Jackson County. It provides advance training for students who want to be ready for the 21st century work force. The school is located on a lovely 40-acre campus in Hollywood, Alabama, with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment not available at all schools. All students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are eligible to participate in half-day sessions that are two blocks in length to allow extensive learning experiences to enhance both job-entry and pre-college preparation. Eighty percent of tomorrow's jobs will require some technical training. Students who are completers will have entry-level job skills for their course of study. Graduates will also be prepared to continue their education at the college level.


    Students who wish to pursue an advanced diploma will now be able to receive the advanced classes through Jackson County's Distance Learning Program at EPCOT. EPCOT also has articulation agreements with several area colleges that allow students to receive college credit for the classes they take at EPCOT that will reduce the amount of time needed to obtain a degree or certificate in a given program.


    Students of EPCOT may belong to organizations such as FBLA, HOSA, and Skills USA that have regular meetings and projects. Local, State and National contests are held for most courses and allow EPCOT students to compete for honors that can lead to scholarship and job opportunities. EPCOT has had numerous State winners that then compete at the National level.