• Electrical Technology follows the Architecture & Construction Career Cluster. In this video you will see all the programs highlighted under this category.


    Technicians trained in Electrical Technology and Industrial maintenance are in high demand. You can prepare to meet that demand through EPCOT's Electrical Technology program. 

    In the Classroom: (Theory) 30%

    - Student's will learn the theory of electrical safety practices. 

    - Student's will learn the theory of industrial systems and repairs.

    - Student's will learn the theory of basic and advance electrical practices.

    - Student's will learn the use of the NEC and how it applies to all electrical work.

    - Student's will have the opportunity to receive Credentialing in NCCER core, electrical 1,2 &3.

    In the Shop: (Hands-on) 70%

    - Student's will do more than study principles. They will spend 70% of their time in the shop doing hands-on projects.

    - Student's will gain valuable work experience.

    - Student's will be provided an opportunity to have a fundamental knowledge and skills for electrical applications and wiring systems.  

    - Student's will have the opportunity to compete in Skills USA and advance their careers in leadership and in a skilled trade. 

    Our shop is equipped with the latest technology for electrical and industrial maintenance training. These items include:

    - AC/DC training stations
    - Hydraulic/Pneumatic training stations
    - Programmable logic controller (PLC) training stations
    - Motor control training stations
    - Motor training stations
    - Conduit training stations
    - Process control training stations
    - Residential wiring training stations
    - Commercial wiring training stations
    - Construction wiring training stations

    * This EPCOT program will prepare you for a stable career installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing electromechanical equipment used in today's industry. Also, allows you to compete in the electrical trade against your peers in State and National competitions at Skills USA

    * Upon completing the Electrical Program at EPCOT, my students have the opportunity to have earned articulated credit for 5-6 postsecondary courses.  That means, if you meet the qualifications, you may not have to take specific courses in your college degree pathway.

    * Most of my student receive scholarships to various schools. 

    ** Check out the website at the top of this page to see years of our class and their accomplishments.