• A priority of this athletic department is to display good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship requires everyone, including members of the opposing team, officials, coaches, and spectators to be treated with respect.  Good sportsmanship includes showing courtesy and kindness toward your opponent as well as fellow team members.  The contest is judged by the effort of the participants and not by putting down your opponent.  Winning is exciting, but winning at any cost is not the goal.  Negative treatment of any participant is outside the spirit and interest of the contest.  The following statement from the National Federation of State High School Association expresses the concept of sportsmanship as follows:

    “The ideals of good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and integrity permeate our culture.  The values of good citizenship and high behavioral standards apply equally to all activity disciplines.  In perception and practice, good sportsmanship shall be defined as those qualities of behavior which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others.  Further, awareness is expected of the impact of an individual’s influence on the behavior of others.  Good sportsmanship is viewed as a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity.”

    All AHSAA sanctioned events are a reflection of our school district and the individual school.  The conduct of the team should extend to parents and fans before, during and after athletic events. 

    Unsportsmanlike conduct from coaches and/or players will not be tolerated.  The AHSAA has outlined the penalties associated with unsportsmanlike conduct as follows:

    1. First Ejection:  Minimum fine of $300.  First time students who are ejected will be allowed to lessen the fine to $100 by completing the Advanced STAR Sportsmanship course within a 10 day time period following the ejection.
    2. Second Ejection:  Minimum penalty of suspension for one game and a $500 fine.
    3. Third Ejection:  Minimum penalty of suspension for the remainder of the year plus a $750 fine.