• Section High School

         Section High School is nestled in a charming little town called Section, Alabama. It is at the top of Sand Mountain. Settled in the 1800s, it takes its name from the Sixteenth Section Farm, a land grant given to the town for a school. Officially, it was incorporated as a town in 1910 with a population of 236 people. The town has grown quite a bit since then. As of the year 2000, the population for Section, Alabama, was 769 people. Section High School now houses approximately 578 students in grades pre-k through twelfth grade. Beta Club, 4H, the spelling Bee, and the community Recreational League (football, basketball, baseball, softball, and cheerleaders) are available for elementary students. Elementary students are also included in The Mountaineeras as well as The Lion’s Roar. Athletics are an important part of Section High School. The school provides the following programs: football, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, track and field, golf, volleyball, and cheerleading. Scholastic programs are also a vital part of our school. The scholastic programs available are Beta Club, The Lion’s Roar, Scholars Bowl Team, Writers Bowl Team, Robotics Club, The Mountaineer, Aqua Culture, Pacers, FCCLA, FFA, and FCA. The community is greatly involved with the school through the PACERS program as well as all of the extra-curricular activities offered at Section High School.