Basketball Team Rules


    Parents and Players,

    DUTTON TIGERS BASKETBALL season is here for the 2006 year. To make our season the best possible, I need to explain our team rules and give out the game and practice schedules.

    1. Players may miss only 4 practices. On the 5th missed practice players will be required to return their practice and game jerseys.
    1. Players leaving practice early must make up that time by running laps. 15 laps for every 30 minutes missed in practice. This will be done before or after their own practice. Also those players may not start in the next game.
    1. Players must be picked up after practice or games.
      1. 1st time warning
      2. 2nd time banned from starting next game
      3. 3rd time banned from playing in next game
      4. 4th time turn in all practice and game jerseys
    1. Practices will be Monday thru Friday. Girls will have first practice each day.




    4:45 to 6:00

    3:15 to 4:45


    after school to 4:30

    4:30 to 6:00


    after school to 4:45

    3:15 to 4:45


    after school to 4:30

    4:30 to 6:00


    after school to 4:15

    4:15 to 5:30


    1. Players may not get to play in many games. Sorry but I can make no promises.
    1. I will not be taking the bus to Macedonia and Rosalie game, but the other way games we will. Players will need to find their own travel arrangements to Macedonia and Rosalie game.
    1. Players should be at each gym by 4:15. I will leave for each game from our gym. Any parent that does not know the way may follow me. Players coming late after the start of a game are not allowed to play in that game according to NSHAA rules.
    1. Players must look nice to all away games. No shorts or ripped and torn pants. (skirts are allowed)
    1. Players must sit together at all away games. They must go with a partner to the bathrooms or concession stand. Going outside is NOT permitted!!!!

    I want everyone to know where I stand, not to be mean but to be fair. I love playing, coaching, and just generally being around basketball. If you need to ask any questions, please let me know before or after practices or you can call me at home (717-9807).

    I know this year will be a great one with lots of wins.