About Dutton School



    Dutton School is a rural school located in the northeast corner of the state in beautiful Jackson County.

      The original school in the community of Dutton was called Sand Mountain Institute. It was built around 1875 and served as a school for both teachers and students. The two-story building had pot-bellied heaters, wooden benches and a stage. Grades one through eleven were taught there.

         This school burned in 1925, and a new one was built. When it perished in a 1957 fire, community residents financed and constructed a new building. This school, which is the existing building, originally contained nine classrooms, an office, and a cafeteria. A gymnasium and library were built in 1968.

         A new library was built in 1993, and the original library was converted into a classroom. During the 1997-98 school year, two new classrooms and restroom facilities were added to accommodate the increasing enrollment. Four additional classrooms were also added during the 2003-2004 school year.

    The town of Dutton has a strong sense of community. The school receives support from local civic organizations, businesses, cooperatives, churches and individuals.