• Cody and Tera Welcome students and families to Stevenson Elementary School.  The Panther Family is excited for the opportunity to work with kids in our community.  Many great things happen in our building each day and we are committed to helping our kids be a part of some of the best educational experiences offered.

    I believe that we are obligated to provide the kind of experience at SES that shows kids the endless list of possiblities in our world.  To that end, we have worked very hard to provide learning experiences in robotics, coding, and art.  These oppportunties have been made possibly by the hard work of the faculty and staff at SES who have written for, and recieved, almost $50,000 in grant money in the past school year with more grants currently being written and applied for.

    SES is the only school in Jackson County that has two veteran teachers who serve our students in Reading Intervention outside of the regular classroom.  We are also the only school in Jackson County with a full time STEM teacher and two Pre-K units as well as both a reading AND math coach.  We are proud to offer students in Stevenson these opportunities and are commiteed to their importance for the growth and success of our kids.

    The Alabama Literacy Act was passed into law and requires that all third grade students read at a "proficient" level by the spring 2022 school year.  Teachers, our reading specialist, math coach, counselor, and intervention teachers meet a minimum of once each month to speak individually about every single student who may be struggling and to develop individualized instructional strategies and a plan for that student's success.  We have purchased the SPIRE reading program with assistance from the Jackson County Board of Education to provide struggling readers with some of the most successful and effective reading tools developed.  We are confident in our plan for success for every student.

    The 2021-2022 school year marks the beginning of the transition into standards-based grading in our first grade classrooms.  Students will be scored on their level of proficiency in specific standards.  This will allow teachers and parents greater strength in disgnosing specific struggles and providing the best help for our students.

    We speak daily about the Panther Standard--a standard that we all try and live-up to.  This requires us to give our best effort and to always try and get better each day.  We believe that the only people who have never made a mistake is someone who has never tried anything new.  We believe greatness lies in the effort.  

    You are invited to check us out on Facebook to keep-up with all the interesting things happening in our building.  New pictures and stories are posted every day by our social media team.

    Please reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.  I can be reached by email at brownc@jacksonk12.org or at my direct line at 256.437.6174.

    Cody Brown

    Principal at Stevenson Elementary School

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