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Step-by-Step to Dual-Enrollment Classes

What can I take at North Jackson?

  • English 101 (11th grade English equivalency but must make an 18 on the English portion of the ACT OR have passed the Accuplacer test through Northeast)
  • English 102 (must have completed ENG 101)
  • Math 112 (must make a 21 on math portion of ACT OR have had Algebra II with Trig and passed the Accuplacer test through Northeast)
  • Math 113 (must have completed Math 112)
  • Art 100 (10th grade-12th graders can take, which counts as a fine art elective)
  • History 201 (10th grade history equivalency)
  • History 202 (11th grade history equivalency)
  • Biology 103 (11th grade equivalency)
  • Biology 104 (12th grade equivalency)
1. Register with Northeast by filling out the following:
  • Application with copy of ID
  • Release form
  • Permission to Register form
  • If applying for a technical scholarship, then technical scholarship form. (This covers the cost of their technical class and either ENG 101, Math 112, Biology 103, Physical Science. Please contact Northeast for technical courses advice.)
2. Pay $444 per class or $592 for biology (it requires an additional hour for a lab.) You will also be required to pay for the cost of your book, if a book is required.

Contact for questions: Staci Miller, 256-638-4418, Extension 2225